Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's not gender bashing!

There are barely four posts up there on this blog.

Of these two are real life narratives from a close friend.

Though edited by me, (sometimes in a state of aghastedness, if there was ever such a word!) I know for a fact that they are real life because they have been narrated to me by close friends from a younger generation!

And as I put it out there I am getting more and more stories in.

And more comments. 

And more aghastedness.

Do you have a story to tell? 

About the guy you met who wanted you to work but also wanted you to cook, look after his parents, socialise, be at home by 6 pm (in Mumbai) not travel for work and share in the family expenses? 

It's not gender bashing. Yet today's men can be demanding! And totally unrealistic. Let's hold a mirror up to them.

Tell me your stories and I'll put them up here for all to see. 

And remember, this is fact NOT fiction. 

DISCLAIMER: Once again, I want to reiterate, I DO NOT write these posts Only curate the stories that come to me.