Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tall. Dark. And a complete waste of time!

For a lot of Indian women - young girls I should say - getting married these days is a bit of an issue.

And these are not just any one.

These are women you know. Women I know. Women we meet every day.

Each of them has a story to narrate. Well... more than one story.

About meeting men who come with strings - sometimes ropes - attached. Sometimes the strings even go back to their mothers' aprons.

Are they good looking? Smart? Intelligent? Yes. And more. They come tall, dark and... most of the time... a huge waste of time.

Which explains this blog.

The publishing rights stay with three women close to me.

Under alias, these are TeeGee, EssEss, and 2bMiranda

Three, whose trials and tribulations in the so-called market have ranged from tragic to the ridiculous.

Stories that are now up for sharing. For the real world to see.

This is a place for conversations. While we will start the conversations, it'll be great if you keep them going!